For a successful market presence

Are you a Chinese company which requires German representation? Or perhaps you would like to sell your products in Germany. Or you may even be planning to purchase a German business.

If you are a German company, would you like to import products from China? Or are you planning a joint venture with a Chinese partner.

Xtend helps you and your business with practical solutions: in Germany and in China. With consultancy, research, office space, administration, communication and selected partners on site. We are the contact point for your market launch in Germany and in China.

We all have our strenghts
– let's profit from each others!

Strengths of Germany

  • Immense powers of innovation
  • Accuracy, reliability, productivity
  • Good at selling and exporting
  • Mass purchasing power in its domestic market

Strengths of China

  • High capacities for production
  • Up to date technology and infrastructure
  • Highly skilled and flexible staff
  • Growing domestic market of enourmous size